season 2

2. série

28. února 2010 v 17:24 | Kelly
Seznam epizod 2. série

2x01 When she was bad

2x02 Some assembly required

2x03 School hard

2x04 Inca mummy girl

2x05 Reptile boy

2x06 Halloween

2x07 Lie to me

2x08 The dark age

2x09 What´s my line I

2x10 What´s my line II

2x11 Ted

2x12 Bad eggs

2x13 Surprise

2x14 Innocence

2x15 Phases

2x16 Bewitched, bothered, bewildered

2x17 Passion

2x18 Killed by death

2x19 I only have eyes for you

2x20 Go fish

2x21 Becoming I

2x22 Becoming II