season 4

4. série

28. února 2010 v 17:27 | Kelly
Seznam epizod 4. série

4x01 Freshman

4x02 Living conditions

4x03 The harsh light of the day

4x04 Fear, itself

4x05 Beer bad

4x06 Wild at heart

4x07 The initiative

4x08 Pangs

4x09 Something blue

4x10 Hush

4x11 Doomed

4x12 A new man

4x13 The I in team

4x14 Goodbye Iowa

4x15 This year´s girl
4x16 Who are you

4.17 Superstar

4x18 Where the wild things are

4x19 New moon rising

4x20 The Yoko factor

4x21 Primeval

4x22 Restless