season 5

5. série

28. února 2010 v 17:29 | Kelly
Seznam epizod 5. série

5x01 Buffy vs. Dracula

5x02 Real me

5x03 The replacement

5x04 Out of my mind

5x05 No place like home|

5x06 Family

5x07 Fool for love

5x08 Shadow

5x09 Listening to fear

5x10 Into the woods

5x11 Triangle

5x12 Checkpoint

5x13 Blood ties

5x14 Crush

5x15 I was made to love you

5x16 The body

5x17 Forever

5x18 Intervention

5x19 Tough love

5x20 Spiral

5x21 The weight of the world

5x22 The gift