season 6

6. série

28. února 2010 v 17:30 | Kelly
Seznam epizod 6. série

6x01 Bargaining I

6x02 Bargaining II

6x03 After live

6x04 Flooded

6x05 Life serial

6x06 All the way

6x07 Once more, with feeling

6x08 Tabula rasa|

6x09 Smashed

6x10 Wrecked

6x11 Gone

6x12 Doublemeat Palace

6x13 Dead things

6x14 Older and far away

6x15 As you were

6x16 Hell´s bells

6x17 Normal again

6x18 Entropy

6x19 Seeing red

6x20 Villains

6x21 Two to go

6x22 Grave