season 7

7. série

28. února 2010 v 17:32 | Kelly
Seznam epizod 7. série

7x01 Lessons

7x02 Beneath you

7x03 Same time, same place

7x04 Help

7x05 Selfless

7x06 Him

7x07 Conversation with dead people

7x08 Sleeper

7x09 Never leave me

7x10 Bring on the night

7x11 Showtime

7x12 Potential

7x13 The killer in me

7x14 First date

7x15 Get it done

7x16 Storyteller

7x17 Lies my parents told me

7x18 Dirty girls

7x19 Empty places

7x20 Touched

7x21 End of days

7x22 Chosen